an angel observes the horrors of humanity

my superiors wish me to write of this world. well, what am i to say? it is bright here, the atmosphere is heavy. i feel as if i am a drop of darkness suffocating in a pool of light. their eyes, they scrutinize me. but oh, how their air smells and tastes sweet, as if that is not heavy at all. as if breathing it does not hurt my lungs so much that i struggle to breathe each night as i fall asleep. how sad it is to see them cut and kill flowers because they think they are beautiful, yet only to cut and kill themselves because they think they are not. i have never experienced something as astonishing and burdening as humanity.

they cut and kill their animals, too. i have eaten meat, but at least i remember the animal it came from. here they do not care. they purge and swallow as if the mean is not rotten. it tastes sweet to their tongues, but i will not touch it. some animals they do not kill; they lock them in cages. i will admit the sight is one to see.

their rivers aren’t even pure. many of them contain some kind of human pollution. though the water is clear, the fish still die. what beautiful scales have been wasted to be made into garments. what beautiful furs have come from slaughter. these people, everything they consume paints their lips red like the rising sun. it is a disgrace to my name.

even the birds are not free. they fly away from smog that kills not only the animals but the humans too. it even makes my eyes water, my breath stutter, my heart flutter. what a wonder and a catastrophe humanity has been. how have they survived here, and how long will they continue to? how can they just ignore their planet dying, as if it’s not the only one they’ve ever known?

oh, how i wish they could see. humanity is a disaster now out of any time, but it is also phenomenal. there are boys that walk on soft and hard ground alike, never flinching as the soil stick to their feet, or pieces of their feet stick to the soil. the only remarkable thing of note is their strength. their taste for change. many of them, i see it in their hearts. it is a strange thing i’ve noticed, what they call each other. is not all love acceptable? are not all identities correct? what matters is that they are all human, but many of them do not think that. it is irritating.

yet through it all, they are all strong. they have moved from sucking the life from flowers, to sucking the life from all around them. they still refuse to listen to the force that they claim guides them, when it says all is not well. when it shouts at them that change is needed.

i think i have come to a conclusion; humanity is repulsive.


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