how do we realize our Fate? or how does it realize us?
we thought we could find it by being free, by being wild things no one could tame.
it’s running through the woods late at night and counting on Artemis to light our way.
it’s howling at the stars instead of the moon because we count on the stars to guide us.
it’s using the fire Prometheus stole for humanity to keep us warm.
it’s perching on the branches of trees and waiting for Apollo’s chariot to streak across the sky.
it’s for the people we were once, the people we are now, and the people we will become.
“what is Fate?” we ask. “is it an otherworldly being?” we wonder. “with hair made of constellational myths and eyes made of galaxies?”
no, Fate is none of that. it is not written in the stars, because we have seen those same stars for thousands of years.
and millions of lightyears away those stars are dead–or they are dying–leaving dust and smoke or nothing at all behind them.
Fate is found inside me, inside you, and inside everyone else, too.
Fate does not reside in the sky, it resides inside our hearts and our minds.
we may think all the decisions have been made for us, that we’re tumbling toward our destiny and we can’t decide where we get to end up.
let me tell you, Fate is not written in the stars. Fate is written inside ourselves, and it’s only up to us to realize it.
so what do you believe? does Fate realize us? or do we realize our Fate?


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