obsidian & gold

dare i wonder what you think of me
for i do not know what i think of myself.
maybe there’s a difference between how you see yourself and how you let others see you.
am i a plague or a remedy
am i stone cold or burning flames
am i chilled to the bone or am i a home
sometimes home can be a person, but i am no home.
my hands are cold, they will burn you with
frost. i am kind but i am afraid.
my chest hurts with the thought of you.
not because i wish to have you but because
i don’t.
maybe i do, but i am an ocean and you are lost in me. i can see the moon.
do i flee from what i have only to retreat to what i am?
i ask of you, are you something new or the
thing that i can’t find.
i have a treasure that i wish to keep and
not soil.
you are a treasure of your own.
yet i am not worthy.

i can have obsidian or i can have gold.
Man has always been greedy but i am
am i kind?
am i kind to take a cherry with
cyanide pit?
you believe me a diamond, but i am only coal.
you, my dear, have a heart made of gold.


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