obsidian & gold

dare i wonder what you think of me
for i do not know what i think of myself.
maybe there’s a difference between how you see yourself and how you let others see you.
am i a plague or a remedy
am i stone cold or burning flames
am i chilled to the bone or am i a home
sometimes home can be a person, but i am no home.
my hands are cold, they will burn you with
frost. i am kind but i am afraid.
my chest hurts with the thought of you.
not because i wish to have you but because
i don’t.
maybe i do, but i am an ocean and you are lost in me. i can see the moon.
do i flee from what i have only to retreat to what i am?
i ask of you, are you something new or the
thing that i can’t find.
i have a treasure that i wish to keep and
not soil.
you are a treasure of your own.
yet i am not worthy.

i can have obsidian or i can have gold.
Man has always been greedy but i am
am i kind?
am i kind to take a cherry with
cyanide pit?
you believe me a diamond, but i am only coal.
you, my dear, have a heart made of gold.


wolves pelts

is it possible,
to dream and lay awake?
i know who i think of,
but yet the name i cannot

i see the lights
you lay in your wake.
paint me a shadow
that i may dance with
late into the

your arms are
the only haven i call home
but what is home without
you here? it is not a place
i can see.

walk, bruised and broken
through these battered
bones of this house, still i
walk lightly, careful not to
wake these beasts that
haunt me.

and you are
the dancing figure walking
along the bones in my chest.
these are not the careful wings
of butterflies i called my

instead it is you.
and i know your intentions
this time.


my name is bitter on your lips.
i know because i can see the way
your eyes flash, your lips curl.
i am not sweet licorice anymore.

but that is strange, because i was
never sweet. you just bit into my
center. i am the darkness in the
light. do not look into my eyes
and dare tell me what is wrong
or what is right.

you however, oh, you were always
sweet. bitter as the shell but soft
on the inside. you, oh, you were
the light inside the darkness.

i enjoyed swirling your blood on
my tongue, coating my sense of
taste in nothing else but you, sweet.
but i bit my tongue and you stung.

oh, how you stung.
and i finally knew
what it was like
to love someone
like me, as someone
such as you.

because darkness can only exist with the absence of light.
and i never needed you to complete me.


as they stand
there is paint on the walls

political statements scrawled
angry and upset
on old buildings
stenciled or not
caught or not
they are there

they wonder what they mean
the font is hard to read but
there is meaning
they can feel it in their chest
in their heart and mind
there is fear here
or there is triumph
regardless, there is meaning

there is meaning in spray cans
climbing over fences just so they can
make a statement
that passengers in cars will see
that trains will carry with their cargo

they carry this meaning
as they walk home
afraid of the flashing lights
because here they have the right
to say what they will fight for

there is no judgement here
so this is where they leave
their meaning on the world.