i hope that when they look at me, they can see your ghost in my shadow


iii. why we kiss

we kiss because love is liquid death, and we’re just curious to take a sip.
darling, it’s okay to wonder about death because you haven’t tried it yet. just trust me when i say that love is the slowest, most painful route to take.

ii. why we kiss

loneliness is ten letters, and the thought of me ending without you because i never told you to kiss me is all i think about.
there is nothing i am more afraid of than feeling alone because i don’t have you, but yet i am terrified i will have you and still feel empty.
kissing only lasts so long but i can still remember the taste of your lips — honey and salt in the perfect mixture of sweet and bitter, for those who wonder — and i still hear the way you whispered my name against my neck in my dreams.

and it’s three am

our minds are more awake while we sleep.
so this is why i never go to bed.
because i’d rather dream with my eyes open.

and how dare the stars still shine,
as we are dropping dead like flies.

but i guess that’s their point.

i like to pretend that i am walking through the universe.
it’s much easier to understand up there;
why our eyes shine, why our cheeks ignite.

because we are made of stars.
we are barely a pinprick on the map of this universe,
but we are made to


there are two figures that perch on our shoulders;
one the devil and the other an angel.
some people embrace their demons wholeheartedly;
others use their angel to call upon only when they are lonely.

and people like you and me,
except them both equally.