i think i see you staring at me,
But then i turn my head and it is just a trick of the light.
The luminescent bulbs reflect off the white walls, and i wince when i hear you speak.
A butterfly settles on my cheek.

i thought i saw you standing in the corner of my room,
watching me sleep as my chest rises and falls with the thought that i will wake up next to you.
But it is only a ghost i had created in order to replace you.

i hoped i would find you in my dreams.
i did, but you were not dreaming of me.
And they say that when you dream about someone it’s because they fell asleep thinking of you.
i highly doubt that is true,
And i don’t dream during the night, much less about you.

And if i can’t reach you then i know that i am nothing more than a fragment of a broken star that is not part of your constellations.
Because i am too far away for you to see or care about.

And I hope that someday i will be part of someone’s world.
Close enough to see so they miss me when i am gone.
But if that never happens then i will fade out rather than burn away.
Having nothing to give, i will leave no trace.


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