All Thoughts Hate Modern Words

Talking without thought is not talking at all,
And we’d rather keep silent than divulge our darkest secrets.
The darkest words are written on our hearts,
And the lost thoughts are the brightest among the stars.

Soft music playing over dark surroundings,
The scars we bear are proof we’ve strayed.
Like a butterfly in the rain,
We dodge the words that bring us pain.

Will we see another day?
­                      Will we see another day?

And we thought we’ve cried an ocean,
But we’ve only gone lake deep.
Before, we knew where we started,
Now we don’t know how much we have to lose.
A step behind, but stepping in time,
We fall short to find the world catches up with us.

The moon guides the waves,
Which washes the words written in the sand away.

Will we find another way?
­                   Will we find another way?

We start to find that we thought we were swimming across an ocean,
But it’s not nearly that far.