“He sees things I could never dream,
even in the deepest of sleep.

“Everything around him is made of stars
while everything around me is made of ash.

“Everything he touches is like galaxies falling into place,
but when my fingers brush they just fall apart.

“He is a spectacular, shining moon,
and I am the eclipse that blocks his way.

“There are words for people like him.
People who can see into a world all their own.

“He is ethereal.
I am substantial.

“There are places he’s been inside his head,
that I wish I could get a glimpse of.

“And photos cannot capture his movement.
He moves faster than the flash.

“He is the speed of light but faster
and I am the speed of sound but slower.

“He is a world of different people mixed into one,
but I am just simply my own.

“He is ethereal.
The changeable form of a shadow.

“While I am simply the light that casts him,
disappearing when night comes so he can rule again.”