Rubber Bands and Popped Balloons

Tripping over words,
Like tripping over your own feet.
Strong willed and stubborn,
And that’s the way it’s gonna stay.
Everything we thought was impossible,
Falling into our lap.

You spread lies like jam on toast,
And it hurts when you shove your fingers down my throat.
You talk like you know it all,
But you need to keep quiet,
Because with a mouth like that,
You’ll have people coming at you from all directions.

But hey, here we are, we survived,
And everything exchanged with cracking knuckles against bruised cheeks,
Well, things like that just complicate the situation.

You fly like you were taught,
But can you walk like us?
We’re all we need,
But you need us.

We don’t know any direction but forward,
So just watch us try and backtrack.
Go away, please stay,
Will you just make up your mind?

Behind metal bars isn’t how I wanna live.
Give me the key and we’ll get by,
The blows delivered getting under my skin.

Rattling off words like you know what they mean,
But can you read the notes on this music sheet?
You’re nothing but show,
Your words giving way to fault.

You act like you were trained,
But can you talk like us?
You don’t know a goddamn thing,
And that’s why you need us.

We sink like the Titanic,
Just sit back and watch us float,
I love you, but I hate you.
Someone tell me how to feel.

Because you rattle me like I rattle the bars of my cage.


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